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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  July 9, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> demand it. >> c'ya later. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to friday. the final chapter begins of the "glenn beck program." i announced a couple of weeks ago i'll be leaving this 5:00 p.m. show. there are other things that i feel compelled to do. honestly, i feel as though for about a year now, i have strange relationship and the camera man oscar, he is usually the guy, the main camera for me. we have talked about it before ander riand erin and i talk abot
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before. i have a strange relationship with you. i can feel you when i look out in the camera. and the thing that has been happening to he over the last year is i feel you say we get it. we get it. now what? i have felt the responseability to be a guy ringing the bell. i don't think we're going to get anybody else in the boat at this point. i think what we have to do now is prepare to be different people. i do believe that the radicals have nefarious plans for our country and for us as a people. we have a choice. we can be swept up in it, or we can stand together. and be an alternative. it means more than bag tea party. it means reaching out in different ways and rolling up your sleeves and getting
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involved. it's what i told you at the beginning of the year. the first episode of the program i told you i am tired of waiting and looking for someone to lead. so we have to take it on ourselves. that doesn't mean that we, at least me, it doesn't mean that i want to lead and rup for any office. it's just time for me as a citizen to get involved. more than i'm doing here. because now all i'm doing is preaching to the choir it seems. i want to introduce you to people in the audience. kevin williamson, deputy editor of national review. author of the politically incorrect guide to sociallism. fantastic book. richard poe with us, the coawe for of shadow party. also a book you must read. these two gentlemen are here because we are going to cover some of the things we covered in the last two years. and you as the audience, what i'd like to ask you to do is
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raise your hand if you have something you want to interject. i know you have a lot of questions that you prepared. what i'm asking you to do is tell me here, as we kind of start our final chapter on the pennsylvania tell me the things that you don't understand or you want to know. something that has been nagging at you. or you think you need to go back and reclarify. i want to make sure that we button everything up before we leave the 5:00 program. that's your job. let me show you things we have learned on the program. those two guys have done this research for a long, long time. i have haven't. two or three years ago i was probably an awful lot like you. i didn't know what was going on. it had no idea what was happening. i just knew something wasn't
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right. i have knew it wasn't right in 2004. when we started saying hey, let's get everybody in the loans and we stopped paying attention to the border. that didn't make sense. then we started to see the collapse and nobody would talk about it. so i tried to figure things out. we put these things together and tried to make sense. we question with boldness, these are the people we found surround the president of the united states. richard trumka, sandy stern. a communist 911 truther. he denies it but on 9/12 he was in one of the most ridiculous spooky rally you've ever seen. we played the videotape before. 9-12-01 he was saying america is getting what she deserves. the same thing that this guy says. george soros is really the king and the king maker. he is the guy with the money. he is the guy that put so much
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of this stuff together. meetia matters -- was it media matters that was started with hillary clinton and george soros money? yes, media matters. apollo alliance, that's what we showed you. disease anybody remember what that was? anybody remember? pardon me the they wrote the similar lus package. right. do you -- they wrote the stimulus package do you remember why they named it the apollo alliance? it's really interesting, especially when you get in the tides foundation or anything that is offshoot of center for miles per hour progress. the apollo alliance you look for names to mean something. acorn. start small. a little seed. grows in to a mighty oak. apollo, they said what they wanted was something dramatic. something that once you push the button to start, it would launch and you could not recall it.
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that is what the apollo alliance is. that is the stimulus package. once they started it, you can't stop it. in to the fund me tall transformation of america. we have been telling you for a while cass sunstein is the most dangerous man in america. can anyone tell me why i say cass sunstein is dangerous? yes, do we have microphone here? yes, richard. >> he is the one that actually writes the policy. he is the one ones that -- >> glenn: writing the regulation. >> right. so all of obama policies he enacts and puts them in law, puts them out there and know the rules that we as a people have to follow. >> glenn: how much regulation is there in healthcare? just health alone? do you know? what is the number of -- >> 14 bills in law in the same year there were 2,700, a little more than that final regulations as they're known. final rules passed. the regulatory apparatus is
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ten times the legislative process. >> glenn: which makes congress irrelevant do you remember congress, i don't remember which it was. jim demint, i looked at him and i said you're in more trouble than you think. you're about to become irrelevant. they are. because of cass sunstein. he is he married to? sam powers. why is she scary? >> that is a long list. where do you want to start? >> glenn: why is she now in the spotlight? can yu tell me, samantha powers, wife of cass sunstein, the advisor to the president of the united states do you know, josephine? >> she has obama's ear. she is next to him. >> glenn: what is she encouraging him to do? what was her big policy? >> yes, back here.
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barbara? >> a big threat -- it's a big threat against israel. >> glenn: why? >> she is pushing what you call -- >> glenn: the responsibility to protect. what is that? this is why it's so hard. you're informed group of people. how many watch the show twice a week? easy. okay. you guys are an informed group of people. i notice you two didn't raise your hand. this is how they're succeeding. they're succeeding because first of all you look at this and you see all of the organizations and it's easy to say it's a conspiracy theory. when i say to you apollo alliance, most people don't know what it is. i say it's started by the tides foundation. the tides foundation really starts with george soros money and a bunch of other people. that started to change the
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tide in america. you probably know this better than i. started in the reagan administration to make sure the tide was changed in america. they were afraid. they said they have all the corporations. the right has all the corporations. how are we going to fight that or change the tide? get inside. make ourselves legitimate so revolutionaries launch the program. shell game. same people. i said four weeks ago on the program, it's really getting boring. i did this. i was standing at this chalkboard and i took this magnet. i said what a surprise it ends with him. it's getting boring. same thing. once you know the players,, once you know the players it's a tight little group, isn't
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it? >> especially considering that samantha powers is married to cass sunstein, i think. i was going to say the answer to your question why she is significant is as you pointed out to america, she likes war. she sees war for a technique to, quote/unquote, liberal agenda. >> glenn: that not some conservative hack thing there. that is -- who said it was written in the nation? a real lefty? came out, praising her saying she understands that war can be used for radical change for the left's purpose. weapon you say she has the ear of the president, it's the responseability to protect that. the president, you notice, didn't go in right away. he could have protected the people in libya. if that is our intent. but we waited and waited, waited, waited.
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why did we wait? why did we wait? rich, over here. >> united nations first. >> glenn: what to go through the united nations. why would we had to go through the united nations. what did they use at the united nations? what was the president looking to trigger? >> the responseability to protect us. >> glenn: yes. the responsibility to protect act. which was done by her. released in a book. she sees it and says this is fantastic. i'll put all of my money. we'll come up with a whole new entity for the responsibility to protect. gets it kicked up in the united nations. they have been trying it for a while. nobody will bite. once you have this guy in office, this guy who works for this guy, you have all the players and office now. now you can trigger it. why is it important to
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trigger? because once you trigger it, when countries have the responseability to protect and you have all of this going on, gee, don't they have a responsibility to protect the palestinians against israel? how about protecting, huh about protecting the poor and unformingnate just coming over for a better life here in america? is it a stretch to say the world would have a responsibility to protect against texans or arizona? arizonans. that might say hey, yes. >> their own agenda. they only use it the responsibility to protect when it suits their own agenda. >> glenn: yes. >> that is why they went to the u.n. they could have done it earlier. the guys going in there to help libya and help egypt. they could have done it earlier. >> glenn: who here has the question. if we look at the radical leftist, communist, progressives, what they're doing is they are collapsing our banks, redesigning the
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globe. uniting islamists for shariah. this is amazing to me that they are standing with -- does anybody know what is happening in washington this week with hillary clinton and with barack obama is there. trying to remember -- eric holder also there. what is the name of this thing, tiffany? do you know? the official name? they are having a big muslim conference. a muslim world conference. we're meeting there to find out how we can help muslims unite. the u.s. islamic world forum. i don't have a problem with that. unfortunately, some of the people involved seem to be extreme islamists for shariah. meanwhile, the president is telling us don't watch regular tv. al-jazeera is the one in the white house in the state department. hillary clinton says hey, we love it. it doesn't have commercials.
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it doesn't have commercials and it doesn't have anybody arguing on it. without commercials, wait, that sounds like this guy's plan. this plan. free press. from the fcc. free commercials. make sure we have free press. net neutrality, which leads to this guy. people say people have to step down from the jobs so you can give somebody else a chance. that is what i'm doing. that's why i'm leaving. i'm going to give somebody else a chance. so it is a nasty, nasty rat's nest. it comes down to this. redistributing the wealth for half of them. i believe half of them. i think this guy believes in redistribution of wealth.
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i believe this guy believes in redistribution of wealth. this guy believes in redistribution of wealth. that's probably, that is probably it. maybe this guy. i'm not sure. this guy is just a communist. this guy is just a happy regulation guy. these guys are just in it for the money and corrupt. this guy is as well. i have no idea what his intentions are. he went to jail. he was writing the whole strategy. it's an amazing thing. the question i think is why? >> pressing down. what do you think will happen to these people that brought the system down and the miles per hour people are pissed when they lose everything they have. >> glenn: anybody want to option that question? what do you think will happen? that is a great question. what do you think will happen? >> in terms of them paying a price for it, nothing. >> glenn: nothing?
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>> glenn: >> no. >> glenn: why? >> because they never do. that is the story of the political class. that is a nice thing of being political class. insulated from your actions. if you look at the housing market crisis and all that. people who were responsible for that, mostly got away without any sort of criticism, much less investigation or charges or things like that. whereas people are talking about banker pay and the sort of secondary issues at best. the real culprits, you know, fannie mae and freddie mac are at the center of it. >> glenn: i don't think the average person paid what you are saying. we have haven't paid the real price. people are still in denial this will come apart. >> it comes crashing down. the american people get pissed. sorry about the word. there will be a second revolution in the country. i would not want to be in their place. >> glenn: really? that is interesting to say that. because that works to the
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advantage of this guy. of this guy. of this guy. of this guy. certainly of these two. responsibility to protect. it works to the advantage of this guy. it works to the individual of this guy. this guy is the one trying to bring down the banks right now there are two people. richard, you might be the one to answer this question there are two classes of people i think. there are the true revolutionary. the people who believe it who are like yes! communist and redistribution of wealth and get them, because the bankers are all bad. and then there are the controllers. then there are people like george soros. george soros, what doesn't make sense to me didn't for a long time, why would george soros do this? why would he collapse system? how? >> money effect there was a piece in '90s on
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adam smith and i first learned was called the killer "b"s. that's how he made money off the british pound and he did the sime thing undermining the system. that's what he seemed to be doing and other cultures and he wants to do it to america. >> glenn: okay. now let me ask you this. let's tie this in. i agree with you. he makes mup. but nobody rally makes money -- really makes money in the gaza strip. right? why? >> fighting, unrest all the time. >> glenn: fighting and unrest. if communists went and tried to collapse the system and took over the system, okay, what would happen? how long would you fight? >> i'd fight until i died. >> glenn: who would not fight for the rest of your life if someone over threw the constitution of the united states? raise your hand. would you fight for your the rest of your life and give your life if someone overthrew the government of the united states? so, we know that.
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there are millions of people that would do that. well, george soros is smart enough to know that, isn't he? >> of course, he has done the overthrows in many other countrys where other people were patriotic and willing to fight. i hesitated i have to say raising my hand because i don't know what i would do. the fact is we all would like to believe we'd fight and fight to the bitter end, but in most cases they kill off the real fighters pretty quickly. the other people get in line. the people who have done the overthrows such as mr. soros and company have done in many countrys throughout the world. they tend to succeed. they tend to succeed because people want to get on with their lives. they don't want to die. >> glenn: they succeed for that reasonnism want to show you somethin -- they succeed fot reason. i want to show you something else that came to my attention about roman history. we'll do that next. @@
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>> glenn: we're back with ketch williamson, deputy national auditor of national review and author of "politically incorrect guide of socialism."
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and richard poe is here, author of "shadow party." both books you need to read. something that has been bothering me about this. if you want to collapse the system, you have to ensure it's done quietly. if you are doing it for money, you can't have instability in america. how many americans will fight to their dying breath if they know that they have been had? this is why it has to be discredited. we showed you in the book where people were arrested in france for writing the coming insur recollection. they were arrested for it. the last couple of pages talk about if we're exposed, we've got to act now. they can't let it out. come coting insurrection" is what is happening in europe now and coming here and what
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is happening in the egypt and middle east. you can't vulcanize it because it's about money. i believe communists are used quite frankly. divvy the people up he has here. he has thugs. that is the union muscle. organize, saul alinsky said, organize the organized. don't care about the individual people. organize the organized. get the leadership. use that muscle. but they mean muscle. remember when andy stern said if we are going to use the power of persuasion. if that doesn't work, we'll use the persuasion of power. right? this line. thinkerring. these guys are the brains. brilliant, brilliant people. this is a guy, john holdren the science czar said we should sterilize people.
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put sterilant in the drinking water to reduce the population. that's it. this is cass sunstein, this is john podesta, this is cass' wife. john poedsta is the guy from center for american progress, the think tank that put together the apollo alliance and everything else. john podesta this is george soros' central bank. this is when we exposed van jones, he went here. who is the epa -- carroll browner, right? she left this week to go to center for american progress. can you tell me anything about center for american progress and how it's a beehive? >> it's a left wing clearinghouse. it's a way that lots of donation and lots of money and lots of manpower can be coordinated to various products. they get a lot of different things going on. but they have a hand in
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everything on the left. >> glenn: these are the thinkers. so i'd say these are if doers, organizers. the marxists. these are the people that actually believe it. this is media control. look who you have here. you have thugs, thinkers, marxists, media control. if you vulcanize it and collapse the system and the miles per hour people know it, they will revolt. remember it's bottom up. top down. and inside out. that is the theory. right? people are going to rise up. they want you to rise up. they need you to rise up. that's why they have the thugs and the marxists. because if you won't do it, they'll do it.
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you will beg them. i want to be secure. come down. but if you are on to them, what happens? what happened to octavia in rome? he is the first roman emperor. rome is a republic and then it falls in to chaos. so octavia comes in. the bottom rises up. make it stop, octavia. then he comes down but he leaves them with the illusion of the republic. leaves them with the illusion of republic. so the real question is what is the illusion of the republic that george soros has planed? because if we all know this guy is in bed with all of these guys and we know that,
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you won't sit down, unless remember this guy said we have an f.b.i. agent who infill traited his weather underground who said they will kill 25 million americans. 25 million americans won't do it, won't sit down for it so they'll kill 25 million americans. so we know he is willing to. wouldn't it be easier if this guy could convince the youth, this guy could convince faith groups. these guys could just keep everybody in line. these guys can figure out a way to make it look good there has to be the illegal. there has to be the illusion of the republic remaining. that is what you look for. that is i think, what is coming in the next year. is the illusion that these guys are somehow or another
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ratted out. satisfied after you cry out top down. protect us. back in a second.
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top of the hour. now back to the glenn beck show. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we're back. with kevin williamson, deputy managing editor of national review and author of "politically incorrect guide to socialism." you must have it. richard poe coauthor of "shadow party" a book i don't think i would have believed three years ago. it is melt your brain. it's unbelievable. it's truly, truly up
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believable. both of those are must reads. we were just talking, do we have a picture of who know who? do we have it ready yet? do tough picture? i asked for one. richard and i were talking off-air here a second ago. i said we went in the break and i said okay, let me tell you what i really think. let me tell you what i really think. i think there is somebody who is going to come in and give us illusion of the republic, because that's what you have to do. you have to have craziness, radicals in control, let everybody know that the radicals are in control. then swoop in, and have somebody stop it. but that somebody is part of the top down. the miles per hour people don't know it. you know and i know, that he is part of the group. this group. we know it. we know that george soros is part of it. i'm just going to say if it we don't have the picture.
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who goes here? if evening falls apart and everybody says he was part of it, you go and you clean up some of this mess. you clean up this mess. you clean up the obvious people. most people don't know, don't know these guys. you leave them but you know this guy. you know that guy. you clean up the obvious people. you say my gosh, we just got the bad guy. but somebody who is part of this needs to be the leader of it. i think it's hillary clinton. hillary clinton, did she not, is she not center for miles per hour progress? >> hillary clinton was the founder, the founder of the center for american progress along with her partner george soros. they were the two moving principals who began it in 2002, 2003. originally it was widely seen and discussed in the left wing press such as the nation. as hillary clinton's think tank. it was described in the nation
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as government in the wings waiting for president hillary clinton to come in. indeed, although hillary was not elected this time around, her center for american progress, her personal think tanks, again i'm quoting from the left wing press, her personal think tanks as we have been discussing provided many of the people who are now in obama's administration. which is a very strange thing when you think that the, that obama and hillary are supposed to be deadly enemies and rivals. then they fill up the administration with her people. >> isn't that strange? >> i don't think hillary clinton, i don't think she is a marxist. is she a marxist? >> i think she is a general win leftist. she -- general leftist. up like mr. soros, i believe she has a je a genuine belief in her agenda. corruptly. >> glenn: extreme liberal progressive.
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but not a marxist communist. not a marxist communist. >> she is not. >> hillary clinton comes in. this is her government, as you just said. this is her government. shadow party. this is it. she said it up. business people. she can help rat these people out. they are useful idiot. they are useful idiots. that i want you to know is a conspiracy theory. that is a conspiracy theory. jason. >> you have been talking about the last few years about desire of the government people and they're somewhat vague. tangibly speaking like cass sunstein you refer to him as a tweaker of regulation. can we pip point or have
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several examples of the specific regulations he has tweaked? >> glenn: let me get to what is happening now. right now they going after guns. going after your guns and they will do it through the regulation. they are just regulating. well, this gun is really for sport. this is not. they will tweak the regulation. you have it on guns. there is another one this week. you have it happening in healthcare. what else do you have? >> the interesting thing about cass sunstein and the position is he has a hand in every regulation, right? >> glenn: yep. >> nothing that goes, nothing that goes through the white house in terms of regulatory invention that he doesn't have a hand on. what he has been put in charge of is the panel is supposed to review all of the federal regulations looking for things that are onerous or obsolete or outdated or anything like that. put a guy like that in charge of that suggests that you're not serious of getting it done. you don't exact want to reduce the level of the regulatory state. like joe biden put in charge
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of negotiating with republicans about deficit reduction. if you don't want to do anything, you put biden in charge of it. >> glenn: he slept through the speech, you know. >> knocked out. so i think what people often overlook at the way the regulatory state works is it's a way to implement public policy without paying for it. you can get the businesses to do the things that you want them to do and it never shows up on the books. we spent $1.7 trillion a year in regulatory compliance cost for american businesses. that is more that businesses pay in corporate income taxes. it's more than all corporate profit in america put together. it's a really nice kind of low cost way to get your agenda put out with "a," not having a vote in congress over it. "b," ever having to answer voters for it or "c" put it on the books and pay for it. >> glenn: let me show you this. in indoctrination of youth and control the message. we'll do that. control the message, he is doing. education regulation.
2:42 am
control big business he is doing. electoral stuff he is involved with. not in this. i don't know about that. religion, currently going after religions. charity. he is going after this. history don't know. this is important. indoctrinate youth and control the message because his official title is ahead of the office of information. hmm. that sounds ominous. back in a second.
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>> glenn: back with kevin williamson, richard poe and mark. who has a question. mark? >> the constitution being challenged so much over the last couple of years between obamacare and the appointment of a czar and now even libya, i wanted to ask is there any provisions or are there any
2:47 am
provisions in the constitution that protect it even against a sitting president for its own self-preservation? any provisions? >> glenn: yeah, there are tons of them but i don't think that -- you have to have blatant crossing. >> but there is nothing to protect the constitution from the supreme court for the last 50 years. you know, as excited as people get over that question i find it hard to get that excited because i don't think we live under the constitution in my lifetime at all and probably not for years before that. we're muddling through, but in terms of restoring american constitutional government to the way it's supposed to be, an interesting experiment. >> that leads to real trouble. that leads to -- it would throw the country to civil war. let me go to kathryn. hi. >> hi. president obama recently visited brazil. they have an offshore drilling program and told us we would be their best customer and said he is an advocate for
2:48 am
their program but supports the ban in the u.s.. how does he justify that? >> glenn: easy. and you left out a couple of parts. with your money, our tack dollars, this is corporate welfare to oil company. given our tax dollars to their oil company, their state run oil company. before he went, he gave them something he won't give anybody in the united states. drilling rights. the deepest where deep horizon was that same area, he gave p eventrobra s clearance to go and have stench facility there. i believe drilling rights there. it's beyond that. can anybody figure out why he is doing that? anybody have a reason? what did you say? george soros did have my -- yes. he was former stockholder of it. et cetera, et cetera. this one, you go to marxism. president of brazil is a marxist guerilla revolutionary that spent time in prison.
2:49 am
what is the main goal to real marxist, believers of this. not the hillary clinton of the world pew the believers of the marxist thing. we're the oppressor. we have been taking the land and the resources and everything elig. what better way to redistribute the wealth? take from the rich americans and give it to the poor country and poor people in brazil. that is all that is, redistribution of wealth. does it make sense? back in a second. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no money."
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jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen.
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>> glenn: back with kevin williamson, richard poe. richard who has a question here. >> yes, glenn, do you see the plot that steven lerner is planning to take down jp morgan and the stockton working? if not, do they have an a terptive plan? >> glenn: they have a million, i think they have a million of them. the stockton, we exposed on the program audio, we recorder steven lerner, seiu saying he will take down the new york stock exchange and jp morgan chase and do it by encouraging
2:54 am
people to not pay their loans. first thing, the former acorp, used to be known as acorn in new york is already doing. other groups are targeting jp morgan chase there is a website out of baltimore that is encouraging people don't pay your mortgages. it's happening. it's starting to happen. let me go to rich. hi, rich. >> hey, glenn. why isn't steven lerner being investigated for economic terrorism? >> glenn: anybody have it? >> i can say because i believe that it's part of the pressure from above and below strategy, which we talked about many times on the show. you can't have a revolution come up from the street to people like steve lerner acting without authorization. they have to have the authorization from above. you can't have peasants with pitchforks run in the street and take over the government. you have to have the trade organizations in the government itself that support them and protect them and tre
2:55 am
vent them from being investigated. i would add that this lerner fellow is not alone in practicing the economic terrorism. soros himself has been accused by the chinese military of being, quote/unquote, financial terrorism. a book was published in english in 2002 by two chinese colonels called "unrestricted warfare" in the english version and they talked about the different type of warfare possible in the information age. they had a great deal of writing about george soros and his activities; particularly, in southeast asia in the asia food collapse. they referred to him explicitly as a financial terrorists and they weren't saying it out of hyperbole or showmanship. these were colonels speaking militarily. >> glenn: this is why i feel i have other things to do that
2:56 am
i must. the last thing we need are more revolutionaries on the street. you will see what i have planned. we'll be asking you to join me with soon. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: 15 year ago my life was a complete and total wreck but because of something one man did 2,000 years ago, i have my life back. happy ease
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